21/07/2022 8:50:00 pm, Jason

Guest tracking Jason Hardrath and Chris Gorney on Norman's 13 FKT attempt

We're excited to guest track another Sierra FKT: Jason Hardrath and Chris Gorney are attempting the “Norman's 13.” They plan to start around 1am on Wednesday, July 20th (updated).

From the FKT site description: “The route is the brain-child of Andy Gohlich. The idea is a continuous link up of the thirteen 14ers in the Sierra Nevada Range, similar to Nolan's 14 in Colorado's Sawatch Range.”

According to the first finisher, Ryan Tetz, this route is 107.5 miles and has 40,000+ vertical feet of climbing over mixed terrain: 60 miles on the JMT, miles-long stretches of talus, and 5th class technical cruxes in the Palisades.

They are aiming to finish in 71-76 hours. The current record is 83 hours and 18 minutes by Matt Zupan.

They are staged with caches in position and Ashly and Nathan will join them for portions. This will be the first "supported" style attempt of Norman's.

If everything goes well they will roll straight into CA 14ers by bike FKT attempt by riding from South Lake trailhead to White Mountain and then to Mount Shasta.

Watch their progress on the full size, interactive tracker. Note: they are borrowing Nathan's inReach.