23/07/2022 11:05:00 pm, Dan

(Completed!) Norman's 13 FKT attempt update

Note: these times are based on inReach locations and are preliminary. We'll update with more accurate times when we receive them.

Congratulations to Jason Hardrath on setting the new Norman's 13 FKT in 74 hours and 24 minutes, nearly 9 hours faster than the previous FKT.

  • 74h24m: South Lake Trailhead
  • 72h00m: Bishop Pass
  • 68h50m: summit of Thunderbolt Peak
  • 67h10m: summit of Starlight Peak
  • 66h20m: summit of North Palisade
  • 65h10m: summit of Polemonium Peak
  • 64h30m: summit of Mount Sill
  • 58h15m: summit of Middle Palisade
  • 54h00m: Mather Pass
  • 53h10m: start from camp
  • 50h50m: camp near at lake under Split Mountain
  • 49h00m: summit of Split Mountain
  • 41h35m: Pinchot Pass
  • 34h30m: Glen Pass
  • 30h00m: Forester Pass
  • 27h40m: start from camp
  • 23h15m: camp near Shepherd Pass
  • 22h12m: summit of Mount Tyndall
  • 18h31m: summit of Mount Williamson
  • 11h27m: summit of Mount Russell
  • 9h10m: summit of Mount Whitney
  • 8h25m: summit of Mount Muir
  • 3h20m: summit of Mount Langley
  • 0h00m: started on time at 1:00am