8/07/2022 10:10:00 am, Dan

Southern Palisade Traverse preview photos

After setting out at 4:45am from Glacier Lodge, Nathan and Travis reached the start of the Southern Palisade Traverse about four hours later. Over the course of the next 11 hours, they traversed through the four SPS peaks along the ridge: Palisade Crest, Norman Clyde Peak, Middle Palisade, and Disappointment Peak. They tagged the summit of The Thumb about two hours later at 10:00pm.

They had planned on descending Southfork Pass to return to the van but found disintegrating mud walls prevented access to the bowl below. They opted to sit out the rest of the night and climb back toward Thumb and descend the Birch Lake trail, ultimately arriving there at 11:00am.

Huge shout out to Peter Carey for picking Nathan and Travis up and getting them back to Glacier Lodge. Thank you, Peter!

There will be many more photos to come but here's a little preview.

View the activity here. Note: this activity stops at their bivy.